Success Stories

Ladies That Kick Butt


Meghan Kirchner 

Last year Meg walked in the Commit 2B Fit Studio determined to make a change. 2 months of Katie’s Kickbutt small group training she learned the eating habits she had to stick with to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since then she has committed to 4 classes a week consistently. Meghan is a mother of 4 and works 50 hours a week but still makes time for her work outs. She told me recently, “she still has a lot of goals this year to get even fitter!” With the variety of classes offered here and our motivating instructors she knows she can crush them!!!




Erin Leary

Losing over 50 pounds and truly changing her lifestyle. She use to hate working out and now loves it with all the different, fun work outs Commit 2B Fit offers!  



Shauna Burke 
It’s a lifestyle and Shauna certainly knows how to lead it.  Shauna has lost over 80 pounds with the support of the Commit 2B Fit Studio and staff and still continues to Kickbutt!!! 


Jennifer Casper 
Look at this lovely lady’s amazing transformation. She doesn’t weigh herself, she just commits to it!!! She works 2 jobs but still makes time to commit 5 days a week! She hasn’t given up on her favorite treats either but has them in moderation. She started in May in the 1st pic, 2nd pic was August, 3rd pic January 2015!

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Love Love Love Commit 2B Fit Studio. I started going with my friend at the beginning of this year, and I have to say that every single class, from Cardio Kick, to Kettle bell, to Amazing Arms and Abs to all the other Boot camp classes are truly awesome. Katie and all her instructors there are GREAT, so motivating, and put 110% into every single class. It’s not only about great and supportive instructors, going there to work out is not at all intimidating, and I’ve met a lot of great people there, all with their own goals and motivations to lose weight and get fit. The classes fly by, you are never watching the clock. You feel that you get a great workout every single time.

Last month I tried Katie’s Small Group Training, and I have to say it was a game changer for me and the best money I have ever spent in all my years paying gym memberships. Katie focuses on your goal(s) for the month, diet and exercise, giving you a tailored meal plan that fits you, you meet twice a week for group training, and each week weight and measurements are taken. I really saw results, Group Training really kept me committed and focused. Katie is truly invested and committed to you meeting your goals, and really works with you to reach them.
I cant say enough good things about this place. I recommend this gym to anyone who wants to get in shape and lose weight, loves group classes, ( many outdoor boot-camps in the summer that are great!!) and wants to have fun working out, you will love it!!

Mary Nevins

Love this studio! Workouts are always changing and challenging. Staff is very motivating and personable. Take one class and you will be hooked and buying brightly colored tanks before you know it
Michaela King

If you’re looking for an inspiring, motivational and life-changing experience, Commit 2B Fit is definitely the place! After two kids and months of feeling bad about myself, Katie kick-started my lifestyle change into a fitness way of life. You WILL work hard, you WILL be held accountable, and you WILL see results! commit today! 
Erin Littlewood 

Couldn’t be happier with every experience I have here. The workouts really challenge you and the variety of them keep you on your toes. I like that women of all ages, shapes, and physical abilities come and are welcomed without judgement. Katie and her team do a great job encouraging us thru our workouts and after. The space and apparel are also great. I highly recommend the Cardio Kick class!
Adrienne Terra

Such motivating and fun classes! Katie definitely knows how to kick our butts but she makes it worth every second! I love coming back here and wouldn’t want to go any where else! Such great energy and people at this studio! I absolutely love it! 
Kerry Kilduff