New To Commit

Q – What do I need for class?

A – Please bring plenty of water and a positive attitude! If you can fill out the PAR-Q Form and Liability Form prior to class, print and bring it to class we would appreciate it. If not please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class to fill out!

Q – Will Commit 2B Fit classes help me lose weight?

A  – Yes! Taking advantage of our different classes will help “confuse” your muscles, allowing each workout to give you the highest calorie burn. Don’t forget to commit in the kitchen as well! The easiest way to NOT see resuts is to pig out after class! A balanced life leads to a balanced scale. To lose weight we recommend 3x a week cardio based classes and 1x a week strength-based classes (see below).

Q – Will Commit 2B Fit classes help me tone up?

A – Yes! To tone up we recommend 2 strength-based classes (Kettle Bell, Booty Tone, Total Body Tone, PiYo, Barre, Arms and Abs ATTACK) and 2 cardio- based classes (Bootcamp, 3, 2, 1 Shred, POUND, Cardio Kick, Cardio Kickbutt Switch up and Boxing)

Q – What do I wear to class?

A – Please wear a Commit 2B Fit tank or t-shirt to each class (just kidding) Wear comfy, work out clothes that aren’t too baggy. Sometimes we bring the classes outdoors so dress accordingly and check our Facebook page for any updates.

Q – Are men welcome to take classes at Commit 2B Fit?

A – Everyone can Kick Butt, even though fitness classes are generally more female based some husbands and boyfriends support their wife healthy lifestyle changes by taking a class. We encourage men to take our classes because of the great cardio and strength endurance benefits.

Q – How do I Commit to a class and can I drop in?

A – Sign up for all classes through our Sign up Scheduling System. Please schedule your appointment weekly to guarantee your spot in our classes. We limit the space in each class so that each individual can receive the attention they need to Kick butt! Drop-ins are welcome but priority is given to those with schedule appointments.

Q – How do I pay for classes?

A –You can pay online for your classes or pay in studio with cash, check or any major credit card. Please pay prior to class start. If you are paying in studio please come 10 minutes prior to class start.

Drop-ins are welcome but priority is given to those with schedule appointments.

Q – Can anyone take our classes? What age, fitness level do they have to be?

A – Everyone is encouraged to Commit! We offer classes for kids, teens and adults and welcome all fitness levels. Our staff is here to help you reach your goals, big or small. If you need modifications for any exercises just ask!

Q – How does babysitting work and how old does my child have to be?

A – Babysitting is available. It is a $5 charge for any of our classes up to 3 children. Please notify us 24 hours prior thru email Children must be 3 months of age and up to date with all shots.